Welcome to the Pokemon Essential Resources WikiEdit

Pokemon Essential Resources Wiki page is here to bring the users of Pokemon Essentials various resources such as graphics, music, animations, and various other user submitted materials


The second installment of the Resource pack will be uploaded within the next week or so, I am currently finalizing several graphical elements on certain objects. I will hopefully be able to include all HG/SS and BW overworlds as well as BW trainer Sprites. As you may know Essentials was recently updated to allow 160x160 pokemon sprites so this allows the sprites I provided in the last resource pack to be implimented without to much of a hassel.

How to Contribute:Edit

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide resources ready to be plugged into Pokemon Essentials. If you have custom Graphics or sounds that you would like to share with the community feel free to add them. All materials added will be checked to make sure it is fully compatible with the latest versions of Pokemon Essentials, afterwards it will then be added into my resource package on the downloads page. All contributors are credited in the resource pack for the resources which they contributed.